Hallo, I am Emrys! You can call me Emmy or Em or whatever you’d like though. Nicknames make me super happy.

I am a 21 year old girl living in Californië and yeah, this is my blog!!! Be wary of ironic usage of punctuation marks. I swear I try not to do that too much, but it’s hard to resist.

I realised that people might actually be reading this and therefore want to know something about me, which wasn’t entirely feasible with my last update to my ‘about’ page because it was more about my blog and not me as a person.
This isn’t a particularly coherent summary of factoids about me, but it will have to suffice!!

I was born on July 7th and thusly have adopted 7 as my lucky number for a plethora of other factors, including more surrounding my birth.

There are a lot of things in life I like, such as red pandas, tigers, hagelslag, writing, fluffy stories where nothing ever goes wrong, storing more books than I can read on my Kindle, baby animals in general, corgis, Tintin, large round stuffed animals, Eeveelutions, blended velvet chai teas— the list could go on but these were the things I noticed when looking around my room.

I also like video games a lot!! I’ve been playing them since I was four or five and yeah they’ve always meant a lot to me. You might see me blog about Bioshock, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and some other things oooo

I’m very much into femslash because, well, I identify with that sort of thing
So if I can put lesbians into something, you bet your booty I’m gonna put lesbians into the thing

Um hmm… I don’t want to list my medical issues/mental illnesses, but if you ever want to talk to me about anxiety and depression, or anything of that sort, I am more than willing to lend an ear because I understand completely and I’d love to help.
In school when I was very angsty, I liked to be mean or at least pretend I was very mean and uncaring. Ever since I got onto Tumblr, I realised that it’s not very ‘cool’ to act like you hate everyone, and that there are enough terrible lurking around here. So I do my utmost to be kind and caring, and if you’re having a bad day I’ll probably leave you an anonymous message about how I love you and want you to feel better. c:

I’m a bit rubbish at keeping up with friends for the illness reasons, so I hope that if you gather the courage to talk to me, you forgive me.
I will buy you a pizza to make up for it. If you think I am joking then you should probably talk to Ali because I bought her a pizza even though she lives on the other side of the country and I am secretly devising ways to buy her another.

oh oh don’t talk to me about Rooster Teeth don’t do it I will possibly literally cry on top of you.
(and by that I mean do talk to me but be warned that I won’t shut up)

I would list all the shows and such that I watch but eh my blog speaks for itself I guess

oh and I occasionally use British spellings for things just because I enjoy it. No real reason, maybe I really like using the letter ‘u’ in everything
we just don’t know

don’t you dare tell me puns because I have enouGH OF THAT IN MY LIFE olympia if you’re reading this i will not tolerate any more of your shenanigans

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