You're obviously like six feet tall with this huge rainbow colored afro. You once had a pet duck that you named Duck because you wanted it to be different from all the other ducks because, come on, who else names their duck Duck? I envision this beautiful wedding for you one day where I am the Maid of Honor and planned the whole thing and Duck is your ring bearer and the rest of the wedding party doesn't really matter at this point so eh. And you live in this big house on a Corgi farm and (cont)

Obvs. It’s not a secret. Everyone knows this.

I APPROVE OF DUCK BEING THE RING BEARER. That is so cute. Like, who has ever had a duck be their ring bearer? See, this is why you’re my maid of honour, you have allll the good ideas.


Hey Ali, remember this?

well check this bad boy out

awwww yeah

BOOTOFOL PORSON OWORD!! Onco yoo oro govon thos oword, yoo oro sopposod to posto ot on tho osk of 8 pooplo who dosorvod ot. Of yoo brook tho choon nothong woll hoppon, but ot’s swoot to know somoono thonks yoo’ro boootoful onsodo ond oot. <3 <3 <3 <3

jensensgingerpubes replied to your post: You know you’re too emotional when you start…

I never made that snee gif oh my god thank you for reminding me

Tumblr Crushes:
There is so much Castiel/Misha on here. Say whaaaaaat.
14, 15, 19, 50. <3

What’s my most favorite part of my body?
Collarbones. Only redeeming feature GO.

What’s my most favorite part of my personality?
Well it is definitely not the self-deprecating part. Uhm, how about the part where I am super loyal. That’s a good trait to have.

What’s the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten in my life?
Apple pie. More specifically the first apple pie I ever had. Not because it was the greatest one, but because it was my first and so it holds a special place in my heart. I was so full that night but I thought “Dean Winchester could make room for pie” so I ordered some with ice cream and SURE I WANTED TO GET SICK but it was so worth it.

ugh no I am not listing 5 more things because there aren’t 5 more awesome things about me :I